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Providing National Security  & Public Safety on the Borders
The Solution
The yellow line is the invisible barrier.
in Daylight.
Footprints with Glow Product.
Sentry Visions LLC offers innovative mass area security processes designed to provide cost effective activity detection with minimal resources and low maintenance. 

Sentry Visions is the only company offering this method of mass surveillance.  It was designed with National Security and public safety in mind.  We are at this time patent pending.  We offer a viable and inexpensive solution to helping monitor the ongoing problem of illegal activity on our southern border. 

Also, you can follow us on our Linkedin page, as we release more information on our inexpensive technology.
The green pix is how it looks at night.
4947 Idle Hour Ct.
Melbourne Beach, Fl.  32951
United States

Kathleen (Davey) Mistry
Vice President
International Border Security