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Providing National Security  & Public Safety on the Borders
The Invention
The name of this idea will be the “Invisible Border.” The invention and prospective result of this idea is to reduce the amount of illegal activity on the U.S./Mexico border. This process also can detect activity in hard to reach places such as the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

The invention is a system to track the movement of undocumented humans across portions of the U.S. border. The invention comprises the application of a fluorescent material on the ground along the U.S. border in areas where there is a history of illegal border crossings. As people move across the border, the fluorescent material will be disturbed, indicating areas of high traffic crossings. This data will allow the Border Patrol to better focus its limited resources. Sentry Visions LLC is the only company offering this method of mass area surveillance.

It is apparent that the U.S. Border fence by itself will not stop or slow down the flow of illegal activity on the southern border of the United States, as evidenced by the 300-500 thousand immigrants who continue to enter the U.S. from Mexico each year. Our plan and procedure will help to stem the illegal flow of activity and help the Border Patrol. Instead of patrolling 504,000 square miles in the states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, all activity can be detected in specific areas. This will concentrate all the Border Patrol agents on our invisible fence, rather than requiring them to drive all over the open deserts, hoping to apprehend the illegals.

The open spaces in the desert and mountainous regions are where we will have the greatest impact, as these expansive areas are difficult to effectively patrol and these areas are where the thousands of illegals are getting through, as well as illegal drugs, human trafficking, and the possibility of dirty bombs. We will be able to monitor all areas along the invisible fence and show by a monthly graph and charting system where the most activity has been. This will help the Border Patrol to be in a better position to apprehend the most illegals. By having evidence that demonstrates where the most immigration activity will likely occur, more personnel can be deployed to these areas of high infiltration.

Basically what we are doing is putting down a sand on “steroids,” which draws radiation from the sun and glows all night.

Sentry Visions’ plan and procedure will last forever, is cost-effective, and will operate at a fraction of the cost of what is currently being appropriated to achieve the same end objective of curbing illegal immigration, plus put 2-3000 people to work.

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Kathleen (Davey) Mistry
Vice President
International Border Security