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Providing National Security  & Public Safety on the Borders
SV Conclusion
Development and research on our mass area security program requires updating and researching current trends on illegal immigration and security threats.  The IFTs (Integrated Fixed Towers) and cameras will work at points of entry but here we are talking maybe a total of 100 miles of border. 

The US/Mexico Border is 1999 miles long.  In Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas there is 504,000 square miles of desert.  There is more activity crossing the desert areas where there is little to no surveillance.  This is where we will be most effective, and we will enhance other projects that are being tried.  With what they are using at this time, they cannot cover this area and be cost effective.  We can.

At this time we will sell the patent-pending technology and company for a substantially low cost compared to what is now being spent on Border Security projects that are not working very well.  We are also developing several more mass area security ideas using the technology of earth minerals.

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Kathleen (Davey) Mistry
Vice President
International Border Security