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Providing National Security  & Public Safety on the Borders
The Solution...
The Sentry Visions picture reflects what the ground looks like with the earth treatment application and footprints and then without the earth treatment application and footprints. The left side of the picture is "footprints in daylight" and the right side of the picture is "footprints with glow product" as photographed by inventor Ronald Hutcheson.
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The Problem...
The integrity of our borders is a fundamental aspect of the nation’s security. While in recent years there has been a dramatic increase in attempts to restrict the inflow of illegal immigrants into the United States, we remain largely vulnerable due to a lack of manpower, ineffective barriers, and failed observation tactics.  For example, along most of the 350 miles of border in the state of Arizona, a few strands of wire strung on 3-foot-high metal poles is all that stands in the way of immigrants entering the country illegally.
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in Daylight.
Footprints with Glow Product.
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Kathleen (Davey) Mistry
Vice President
International Border Security